About us

Launched as a not-for-profit company in 2013, the Save Childhood Movement (SCM) consists of a growing collaboration of individuals and organisations that share a deep concern about societal values and wellbeing and the current erosion of natural childhood. It has a particular interest in how modern culture is impacting family life and the changing nature of children’s worlds and experiences. In the three years since its launch it has established a national presence and has attracted a fast-growing number of high-profile supporters.

Until now the the movement has been a totally voluntary organisation, with minimal external funding, but a huge amount of goodwill and support from others. To ensure its sustainability and growth it now needs to pay some core members of staff and cover its main running costs.


  • Sir Al Aynsley-Green (first Children's Commissioner for England and ex President of the BMA) became our first patron
  • Multidisciplinary Advisory Board (forty globally renowned experts)
  • Established National Children’s Day UK (NCDUK) as a nationally significant annual event 
  • Developed a large number of successful collaborations and partnerships
  • High profile ambassadors, including the National Children’s Laureate and the Children’s Dramatist.
  • Rapidly growing social media presence - frequently achieving 50,000+ views, with a current maximum reach for NCDUK of 3.2 million
  • NCDUK2016 partnership helped raise £540k for disadvantaged children
  • Highly regarded publications including the ‘Putting Children First’ Manifesto and the ‘Children’s Charter of Developmental Rights’.
  • Led the strategic development of a highly successful English Early Years Coalition
  • Developed a nationally recognised campaign with increasing political influence

In the Pipeline